The rules of MiddleballTM are easy to learn!

The net (or nets) can be set up at any height agreeable to all participants.

Any player whose height is close to the top of the net must hit the ball at an upward angle.

Serve the ball from the back half of the court.

Ball can touch the net on a regular volley.

Ball can touch a wall and/or ceiling on the serve or a volley.

Service order must be rotated among players of your team.

A player cannot touch the net with any part of their body, at any time.

The ball can be hit over the net on the first, second, or third hit.

No player can hit the ball twice in a row unless playing with only one player on a side.

If the ball lands in your court section, all other teams receive a point.

First team to 21 points wins the game.

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