MiddleballTM is a fun new sport
enjoyed by people of all ages and athletic abilities!

It is played in a Racquetball or Squash court and you need :
a net (or nets) , a beach ball, and a few players.

To make things even more interesting, you can add a central padded pole
to divide the court for multi-team play (see picture to the right).

Whether you are an adult, a senior citizen, a family, or a child,
you will enjoy playing Middleball!

The unique rules of Middleball can account for players of different heights or skills playing together!

Whether your goal is exercise, team-building, competition, or family fun,

Middleball is the perfect sport to play today!
Senior Citizens Say...
"Middleball is a fun sport that I can play with my friends, children, or grandchildren! What a great time!"
Kids Say...
"Middleball is fun! I liked how high I was able to hit the ball and how soft the ball was!"
Adults say...
"Middleball is a great way to do something athletic and fun with my friends or children! I had a great time and also introduced my children to Volleyball!"
Court Owners Say...
"We offered Middleball at our facilities to a group of senior citizens... they LOVED it!"
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